Thursday, 30 January 2014

Essie Angora Cardi Polish Review Ft. Seche Vite

Another polish review for you, but I’m pretty sure this is my all time favourite, say hello to Angora Cardi by Essie. I totally love this colour, totally hate the name however (found myself becoming a bit of an animal welfare activist with the whole hoo-hah surrounding angora rabbits and their treatment!). But that aside, it’s a shade I keep coming back to. I would describe it as a dirty plum combined with brown undertones. It’s just so pretty, it’s not ultra girly but not grunge either, I feel it sits nicely in-between. Just to let you know, this isn’t by any means a new shade; I believe it was brought out in 2009 in a fall range! But they still have it within their main collection, yey!

As for Seche Vite, I’d seen Lily Pebbles singing its praises for some time before I finally took the plunge. For a top coat, £9.00 is expensive but I’d like to say that it’s worth it. Seche Vite is very heavy duty shit (excuse my French). The formula is very thick, almost gloopy but spreads onto the nails perfectly, immediately creating a high shine, glossy coat on your talons. But here’s the best bit, it sets in seconds. I don’t know how many exactly but it is super fast drying and I love it. To get the very best from your manicure I would recommend waiting until your coloured polish is 100% set before applying because it can affect how well and how fast the top coat dries. As for the impact on how long your mani lasts, I would say it prevents chipping for at least upto 5 days (that’s the best I’ve had so far and I usually get chipping on the first day!). Seche Vite thickens up your nails and makes them more durable, not to mention the high shine it’s got going on. I've even had people question whether I'm wearing gels! Don't however expect this top coat to work the same wonders as gel overlays for example - because it is still only a top coat and isn't going to realistically prevent any chipping whatsoever! The only con I can say about this is that because it is so heavy duty, once your mani is on its way out, the polish begins to peel at the edges (which is disappointing as the product claims this won’t happen). You can be very tempted to peel the whole thing off – but don’t! It leaves your nails weak and flaky underneath, so go get that polish remover!

- Top image without Seche Vite, bottom image with Seche Vite

Angora Cardi - £7.99 @ Boots
Seche Vite Top Coat - £9.00 @ Boots
Have you tried any of these?
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