Wednesday, 23 April 2014

My Current MAC Lipstick Collection

Noseying at people's MAC lipstick collections is one of my favourite things to do, whether it be blog wise or rummaging through my friends makeup bag, I'm obsessed. With that I thought I'd let you all know where my own collection stands. Please note, I haven't bought all these overnight, I've bought them in dribs and drabs, here and there (although I would buy ten more overnight if I had the money!) It's a work in progress, yes I intend to buy more; to me they are more than just lipsticks, they're collectables too. I've tried to swatch them as best I can as I find these so helpful when I'm deciding which colours to buy. So here goes...

Swatches are in order of list below (and yes I have hairy arms).

Impassioned (Amplified): This is a popping pink shade that really makes a statement. It's a beautiful colour but its intensity might not be to everyone's taste. I did a full review on this shade here.

Brave Red (Cremesheen): I don't own a red lipstick at all so I felt it was only right I added one to my stash! This is a lovely glossy, bright shade and isn't too daunting at all.


Rebel (Satin): This is a popular shade that has found its way into many a makeup bag. I'm not in love with it on me but I think it looks amazing on other skin tones. Check out my full thoughts here.

Dark Side (Amplified): This is such a favourite of mine, its a deep red with browny undertones and I've not stopped wearing it. It's a real vampy shade and it looks a treat with winged liner. Reviewed here.

Plumful (Cremesheen): I love this cute shade, it's just so pretty. It leaves a plummy coloured pink sheen on the lips that's still very much noticeable despite being sheer. It's gorgeous.

Crème In Your Coffee (Cremesheen): This is quite pigmented considering it's a cremesheen. It's a browny pink colour and is the perfect choice for when you want to stray from your average nude shade.

Blankety (Amplified): This is a new one of mine (arrived today along with Coral Bliss, yey!) so I've only got my initial impressions to go off. I haven't wore it with full makeup yet so I hope it looks better than how it looks without!

Pink Plaid (Matte): This was my first ever MAC lipstick! I wore it to death when I first got it so I only have a small bit left now. I've gone off it somewhat in recent years and haven't worn it for ages. However, now its seen the light of day I might wear it once again.

Vegas Volt (Amplified): Another one I've worn to death. This is a very bright pinky coral and it's gorgeous. It's one of those shades people will always compliment on and ask what it is. Super summery and one of my faves, there's a full review here.

Coral Bliss (Cremesheen): This is a very sheer coral colour, I wanted a toned down coral from the one above that I wear so often, so this was the pick of the bunch. It's gives a very light sheen of colour that's just noticeable enough.

Which ones do you like? Which of your favourites would you recommend? Let me know!

All of these were purchased at MAC counters/ for £15

Han X

Monday, 14 April 2014

Benefit Six Piece B.Right! Skincare Set Review

I can't say I'm the biggest Benefit fan there is, I don't know why but I never feel their products are up to much cop and I have been left feeling uninspired by what I've used of theirs in the past. However I came across their skincare range a few months back and thought I'd try it out for size (literally). I was taken in by the cutesy miniature range they offer and for £12.50, even if it was naff, it's worth the price for trialling and testing a large selection of the skincare they offer.

All these products are from the B.Right range which all look lovely in their blue and beige packaging. Even these small products are given glass bottles adorned with peach toned lids. Benefit have delivered on the aesthetic front, but its what's on the inside that counts...

It's Potent! Eye Cream:
So you get 0.3g of product with this which is pretty much sample size, but enough to do you for a few weeks. It clearly states that it is 'a brightening eye cream to fade dark circles', which is quite a statement in anyone's book. However I don't feel it does this, my dark circles are still there and my surrounding skin isn't what I would consider 'bright'. It does hydrate though and feels great on the skin, the formula looks quite thick but upon application it has a very light consistency and glides on to the skin easily. It takes a couple of minutes to completely sink in and can feel a little wet whilst doing so, but the cooling feeling it gives whilst working into the skin actually helps my eyes to feel a little more awake. 

Overall, Benefit are a company primarily aimed at 16-30's, so I'm guessing if this product doesn't do much for my 20 year old eyes, then I doubt it'll do much at all for a more mature eye. I see this product as more of a eye moisturiser than anything else, as all it seems to do is keep my eyes hydrated. However it does contain a peptide complex known to help restore elasticity & firmness, so I might just reap the benefits when I'm 50 ey. There is no way I would purchase the full size version of this, perhaps I would if the prices weren't so ridiculous (£25.50!) but it just isn't good enough to justify that sort of money.

Total Moisture Facial Cream:
If you like your thick and heavy moisturisers, this is for you. It has a smooth paste like consistency, which feels a little greasy between your fingers and slightly on the face but not nearly as bad as I expected. Total Moisture takes a little longer than I would like to properly sink into the face. So this combined with the fact it's on the heavier side of moisturisers, I prefer to use it at night. I recommend using this only on the areas that actually need moisturising as it is so intense; it fixes up dry patches straight away - its just not great on those oily areas.

Foamingly Clean Facial Wash:
You don't really get enough of this product to properly trial it, you get roughly two washes, three at a push for your 8.9g. It's a facial cleanser and claims to 'effectively cleanse the skin and remove makeup and impurities with a soft, gentle lather'. The soft, gentle lather I'll take but removing makeup isn't the case. I was really enthusiastic about using this, as I hate makeup removal so anything that makes the process quicker is always a win for me. However I still had foundation remnants on my face once I'd worked it into the skin and washed it off. Disappointing. The actual formula of the product is lovely, it does work into a foamy soothing lather that makes the skin feel soft and supple but it just doesn't clean.

Refined Finish Facial Polish:
This is pretty much an exfoliating version of the above but doesn't foam up in the same way. I've used it after the facial wash (which means all you're makeup will come off) but all I've really found is that it leaves my skin feeling very dry and blotchy. The microbeads might be a little too harsh for some people, as it appears they are for me so I'd be weary!

Triple Preforming Facial Emulsion SPF 15:
If I were to purchase anything from this range, It'd be this. It has been my favourite out of the bunch and I have been impressed. First of all I love the fact it has SPF in it, as it means I can wear it underneath SPF free foundations or alone without worrying about protection. I've tended to wear this during the daytime for this reason. The actual product is very light and watery in consistency which I love, it cools the face as it goes on and sets in very quickly. A bonus is that it isn't oily or greasy whilst keeping my skin hydrated and hasn't even broken me out! Yey!

Moisture Prep Toning Lotion:
I'm not mad on toners and I haven't really given this the full run down. However I have been using it instead of the Facial Emulsion now that it has run out, as I feel this is hydrating enough to be used without a moisturiser. I don't like caking my face in different lotions and potions as I think it can just make everything so much worse, so I've been using this before bed and it has left my face soft and hasn't actually broken me out (yet!). It's not a bad product but for me it is something I don't feel I need or want.

So there we have it, not a glittering review by any means but an honest one at that. Some things work for some people and some don't, you may find these are your holy grails! But for me they are overpriced and don't offer much up product wise.

Benefit Six Piece B.Right! Skincare Set - £12.50 @

Have you tried anything from Benefits Skincare range?

Han X