Thursday, 23 January 2014

Spending Money I Don't Have...

Thought I’d share with you the things I’ve bought towards the end of December and within January. I’m not supposed to be spending AT ALL as I’m going to New York at the beginning of Feb (eee!) but online shopping is inevitable once the student loan has dropped. So here goes…

I bought this dress on a whim whilst out shopping with my best friends. They successfully convinced me to a night out (despite having uni work) so I thought I’d treat myself to some new glad rags. I’ve only worn it once and it was really comfortable, however the only thing I don’t like about it is that because it’s lacking shape, on some of the pictures from the night I feel like I look like a huge tent *unimpressed face*. However I will wear it again, I will just be cautious at which angle I’m having my picture took, pah.
Bank - £25
Ahh my lovely new coat. I LOVE this, it’s from Zara and it’s perfect. I have been looking for a new coat for my trip to NYC because it’s going to be freezing. I already have a boyfriend style coat/jacket from H&M but it’s not nearly thick enough for what I need it for. I think coats are quite difficult to find, I’m so picky, but I always fall in love with my final decision.

Zara – Sale: £69.99
Another Zara buy, I don’t really know what to describe this as as it’s not a jacket, not a cardigan and not a coat. Anyway, whatever it is, it’s cosy. It has shearling lining in the hood and around the cuffs and edges. I did hope that it would be fully shearling lined but to be honest it doesn’t need it, it keeps you warm enough. I got this in the ‘special prices’ section of the Zara website for £19.99! Such a good price, but unfortunately they’ve sold out now.
Zara - £19.99

This looks better on that it does off to be honest. It’s just a cable knit jumper that is slightly cropped at the bottom and longer at the back. Basically bought it to be able to layer up and keep me snug.

Asos - £19
I love the whole dropped hem thing that’s going on at the mo. What I like about this is how it can be made to look really casual, but then can be made to look that bit smarter for a different occasion. It was £23 (I think) I can’t seem to find it on the website but I didn’t buy it all that long ago, so I reckon it’d still be knocking about some larger stores. I tend to try and stay away from Topshop if I can as I think their prices are somewhat ridiculous. But I really did like this and I justified it with being able to use my student discount, every cloud ey.
Topshop - £23

These have got to be my favourite purchase. This image doesn’t really do them justice, but they are fabulous. They were £24.99 from New Look which I think is very reasonable, and I’ve not had them off ever since I bought them. They’re comfy, easy to clean and I love their burgundy colour. As you can see I have scuffed the heels a little, but blame drunken nights out for those (oops). I think I’ll be very sad once these have had their day.

New Look - £24.99
What have been your favourite purchases this month?
Han X


  1. Love the first dress! It's the kind of dress that suits my body shape (I think..). Sad that you say it's lacking shape on a few pictures but I'll try to buy it anyway! ahah :)

    1. I love it too! It's just the lack of shape I wasn't keen on but I still wear it as I love the pattern and colour! X

  2. oh and I forgot..the cable knit jumper from zara is also amazing!! Love the colour :)