Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Charlotte Tilbury Feline Flick Shodo Pen Review


Ahhh Charlotte Tilbury. The woman every female wishes they had in their life of a morning. She is an artistic genius to say the least. She can literally transform any woman, no matter how hard the challenge. I love watching videos of her at her craft on YouTube, (although I hate that she makes things look so bloody easy) she does amazing talk throughs of the looks she creates and they always look incredible. Aaaanyway, as most of us know she brought out her very own collection in September and as she is very much the queen of the ‘feline flick’ I thought it’d only be right that I got my hands on the Shodo Pen first and foremost! I have only ever really dabbled with gel eyeliner to be honest and although I feel comfortable creating the aforementioned cat eye, I thought having this in my life would make things both easier and quicker and so far, it has.

The Shodo Pen is in essence a felt eyeliner and as this is the first one I have ever used, I cannot really compare it to cheaper alternatives. The pen tip is very fine and pointed, perfect for its primary use of being able to create flicks with ease. I have found it to be so much easier than applying gel, and if you’re a first timer at the whole liquid eyeliner thing, I’d recommend one of these. However I have found some issues with this product. It applies perfectly and with ease over the eyelid, but when trying to use the pen with precision to recreate the feline flick, the very tip of the pen is just a little bit dryer than the rest of the pen which can be annoying when I’m trying to achieve precision. I have also found that it never truly sets. I can be a bugger for forgetting I’m wearing it and it does tend to smudge if your hands go astray. I was disappointed with this aspect of it as I expected it to be hard wearing. The product also claims to be waterproof, which I can’t say I’ve trialled and tested, but despite this, the formula is incredibly easy to remove. I’d also like to mention that this eyeliner does manage to maintain its jet black shade throughout pro-longed wear, often eyeliners can turn an off black or even a grey but this manages to obtain its colour.

I don’t regret buying this product as I really wanted to try the Charlotte Tilbury collection out for size as it does apply seamlessly when it wants too. I think however that there are probably many cheaper alternatives out there that can do a similar job and for half the price as at £22 it’s not exactly cheap!

The Feline Flick Quick Fine Line Shodo Pen - £22 @ selfridges.com
Are there any alternatives you would recommend?
Han X

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