Monday, 20 January 2014

Topshop Gypsy Night Polish Review

So this is my first Topshop Nail Varnish! I got this as a Christmas present and it’s safe to say I love it. I still think black is a great shade on nails but it can be a little boring, so I love how Gypsy Night puts a twist on that and livens it up a little. The shade is predominately black but has a subtle yet noticeable greeny/gold iridescent pigment alongside it. In the light it looks beautiful, especially because it also has multidimensional glitter that really gives it that ‘out of space’ feel. It’s such a pretty shade and is a little different to your bog standard colours. The lasting power is so-so, I tried it without a top coat and it chipped within a day, but with a top coat you can get near enough a week from it. The cons of this product however are that is does need 2-3 coats, the formula is very sheer so you definitely need to build it up. I would also say that it takes a little longer than average to dry (the worst bit)! Removal is a bit of a bugger too, the glitter doesn’t seem to want to budge so elbow grease is needed! Aside from that though it is a lovely shade and for £5 it isn’t too bad at all! Unfortunately this is no longer available on the website but I’m sure they’ll be some stragglers at your local Topshop if you look hard enough!

Gypsy Night Polish - £5 @ Topshop

What’s your favourite Topshop polish?
Han X

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