Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Welcoming 2014...

It’s a new year and so for many of us, we conjure up a whole load of new goals and resolutions to aim for. 2013 was a great year for me, I did some wonderful things – I must have been having fun as it flew by! But despite that for much of the year I didn’t feel motivated or driven to achieve much. I’ll be the first to admit that I am lazy, I can easily spend the day doing nothing whatsoever but at the same time I hate doing so, it only adds to how demotivated I feel! So in 2014 my aims are to stop spending so much time on my ass and start being proactive and through sheer willpower I will hopefully begin to feel some sort of drive to achieve once I start seeing results. So here are my plans:

-          Commit to this blog and take it seriously:  As I knew I would, I let my commitment to doing this blog slide, always telling myself I had more important things to do or couldn’t find the time.  Which is why I need to learn to utilise my time effectively and become more organised in order to fit things like this in.
-          Organise my university work load and take it seriously too: I’m all too guilty of leaving my essays until last minute and skipping my reading whilst blagging what I’ve done over the weekend in seminars. I could get so much more out of it if only I tried a little harder and it’s my own fault, so it’s time to spend more hours in the library and less time scanning twitter!
-          Spend less time on my phone: Might seem a little odd but it’s mad how much time our generation actually spends on smartphones. Every aspect of our life seems to be uploaded onto Instagram or summed up in a status on Facebook, are we really living? Or living to simply create a representation of ourselves online? Plus do I really care what an acquaintance from back in 2007 is doing tomorrow night? No, not really. So I have decided that I am going to spend more time offline and do more things without the accompaniment of an iPhone, it should be quite refreshing!
-          Get healthier! This is such a cliché, everyone has the optimistic view of losing a few pounds here and there and hitting the gym. I’m certainly not giving up the McDonalds and the choccy biccys for good, I love eating! But my aims are to STOP snacking on rubbish inbetween meals, I am so bad for this. I desperately want to get fitter too, going up two flights of stairs at uni leaves me gagging for breath, it’s ridiculous! I’ve never been a gym goer and I don’t plan on being, I am just going to rely on running trainers and fitness videos on YouTube to get toned up and help me tackle those stairs!
-          Think about the future and start planning:  Agh, the thought of leaving uni and being chucked into the deep end of the ‘big wide world’ scares me! But in a year and a half its going happen and I need to start taking steps towards what it is I want to do afterwards. My dream would be to write for a fashion/beauty magazine, but there are so many of us that are after the same thing so if it’s ever going to happen I need to start my attempts in securing it!

And I think that is all folks! The plan is to look back at this in 2015 and see if any of what I wrote has materialised, fingers crossed! I’ll leave you with some snaps of my favourite moments in 2013!
So what are your aims for the new year?

Han X

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