Thursday, 19 September 2013


I'm Hannah and welcome to Champagnetote, my personal blogging space that shall be primarily dedicated to my love of beauty, with fashion and style not too far behind. I’ll be posting my thoughts on products new and old, good and bad, enabling fellow bloggers and readers to get a feel of what’s worth purchasing and what’s not. I’m looking forwards to nurturing my creative space into something I love.

If you've come from my previous blog, she'smadeup then thankyou for your support, it's appreciated and so are any new readers. I decided on a fresh start as I wasn't happy with the layout, wasn't happy with the content, wasn't happy with the name and I wasn't giving it my full attention. Hopefully this blog will flourish into something I'm really happy with and proud of - I've even bought myself a blogging diary to keep me organised!
Cheers again,

Han XX

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