Friday, 20 September 2013

Bourjois Delice De Poudre Review

I had been after a new bronzer for a while and I had seen a friend of mine using this one by Bourjois, one of my favourite drugstore brands, so for £6.99 I thought why not. So far I have been pleasantly surprised; I have always been a little dubious of bronzers, living in fear of looking ompalumpa and not even realising. But thankfully I’ve always used it sparingly and with caution; heavy hands are to blame for a lot of makeup mishaps! 
The shade I bought in the Bourjois Delice de Poudre was in 52, the darkest shade they offer and I’ve found that it is just the right shade for me. The colour in the packaging doesn’t look too daunting anyway; it’s a nice shade of light tan but does have subtle orange undertones. The product is a matte finish with a slight hint of shimmer; this put me off at first as I thought I was going to look like I had been dipped in glitter but once on the face it isn’t even noticeable. But I suppose it all adds to that sunkissed holiday glow. It is also a product that can be used for contouring, the colour doesn’t apply to heavily at all and is so easy to build and blend, which is what I find useful with this stage of makeup, do it wrong and it can easily make you look like you need a wash!

Another notable thing about this bronzer is its acclaimed chocolatey scent. I wouldn’t say it screamed Cadburys, more a pleasant mix of chocolate and vanilla. But either way it smells pleasant and isn’t noticeable once applied to the face. The bronzer actually comes looking like a small piece of chocolate, with the product in the pan spilt into four, not good when your Mum’s got no biccys in and you have this staring at you. The only thing I don’t like about this, but it isn’t a major qualm is the packaging.  I really hate cardboard packaging, it’s not durable and isn’t attractive. But to be fair this one from Bourjois has stayed intact and is better quality than what I’ve come across in the past. Overall I think it makes for a great starting bronzer product, and even if you’re a bronzing sensation, I’d still recommend this fun and quality product.
Bourjois Delice De Poudre - £6.99 @ Boots
Have you tried this out? What bronzer would you recommend?
Han X

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