Monday, 23 September 2013

Collection Creampuff Review

I’ve not had many products from Collection (previously Collection 2000) but the ones I’ve had I’ve always been relatively impressed with. I picked up this CreamPuff a few months back after my sister having one and being impressed with her results. I’ve got this in the shade Fairycake 3, which is another pinky coral shade (which I was able to wear yesterday because we had a bit of sun here in Manc!). I love the colour soo much, it’s gorgeous but unfortunately the formula is just too drying for me. The packaging is true to its statement in every way with “velvety soft, matte finish”, but my lips just can’t handle it! The formula goes on like a dream, it feels really creamy but after a while or so I find it sets and the matte aspect of it just dries out my lips and really irritates me. But alas! All is not lost as whipping a bit of Vaseline over the top not only sorts this but actually enhances it! I’ve found that adding a balm or gloss over the top gives the lips such a nice sheen, heightens the colour and takes away that annoying dryness! The fact that it is a matte finish also means that it sticks to and draws attention to any dryness I may already have, which I don’t find attractive!
> With flash, without flash
> With flash, without flash, Crabtree & Evelyn Apricot Orange Shimmer Lipgloss applied over the top
> With flash, without flash swatches
Another thing that won me over was the smell, it smells just like marzipan! I’ve been trying to work out what it reminds me of for ages and I think that’s what it is! Alongside that is the colour which has great pigment and allows for complete lip coverage so you can fully don the matte lip if you so wish! As for the price £2.99 is cracking, it’s just a shame it only comes in four shades!

Collection Creampuff - £2.99 @ Boots
Crabtree & Evelyn Apricot Orange Shimmer Lipgloss - £8.60 @

Have you ever tried these before?

Han X

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