Friday, 17 October 2014

Ted Baker Cierra Clutch Review

So for the first time in a long time I'm blogging again! I have been distracted for the last couple of months and not felt like dedicating much time to champagnetote. However, I've got some posts lined up for the next few weeks so I shall hopefully get back into the swing of things!
So this is my heavenly Ted Baker Cierra bag that I purchased not so long ago. I'll admit, it was bought on a bit of a whim...I'd seen it a few months back and fell in love with it but couldn't succumb to the hefty price tag. However, whilst roaming around the Trafford Centre store in Manchester, their 20% off student offer just sucked me in and I don't regret a thing.
It's made of bovine leather, which is soft and has a very similar texture to suede. For this reason, keeping it spotless is attracts dirt and dust for fun. I haven't put a protector/cleaning product on it as I'm terrified of ruining it but for now I'm just trying to keep it clean through not getting it dirty!
I guess that's the downside of the Cierra, you live in fear of spilling a drink on it, or god forbid, food or makeup. For that reason it shall only be making appearances on civilised outings, not "drunk out my face" ones.
The deep black of the leather really compliments the rose gold hardware (ahhh). I'm obsessed with the stuff right now, from bracelets to makeup brushes, I'm. Into. Rose. Gold. A tassel trim adorns the front of the bag and is finished off with a Ted Baker embossed clasp and shoulder chain strap. The chain is actually removable and turns the bag into a very chic clutch, handy eh? You can simply place the chain inside the bag and flip down the little hooks, or remove the chain completely.
The interior is fashioned with a grey/blue flower print lining and has a little pocket for necessities. As for what you can actually fit inside the Cierra, it's certainly not the kitchen sink. Phone, keys, coin purse, powder, brush and lippy is the max but it is a small bag after all (a good excuse for forgetting the purse and letting your fella pay).
Retailing at £129, it's expensive but it's timeless. It's classic and can be put together with pretty much anything, I love it.

Ted Baker Cierra Tassell Clutch Bag - @ £129
What do you think of the Cierra?
Han X

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