Wednesday, 22 October 2014

One-to-One Makeup Session At Peaches And Cream

After following their account on Instagram for some time and hearing such great reviews from friends that had been for makeovers, I just had to visit the 'Peaches and Cream' hair and makeup salon in Liverpool. The place has been growing in popularity for the past year or two and has had many a celebrity face in the makeup chair. It prides itself on offering the everyday girl a celebrity service, and even though I'm not nearly half as glamorous as the average Liverpool girl, glitter and gloss attract me like a moth to a flame.

The event that spurred on my visit was my sisters upcoming prom. She had placed her trust in me to do her hair and makeup for the whole thing so as preparation is key, we chose to take a lesson from the girls at P&C. 

With their makeup looks being in such high demand, they offer clients the chance to learn the trade tricks for themselves. They offer a range of different tutorials, from group masterclasses where one of the girls demos a look on a model, or you can book in for a one to one class. We chose the latter as I was keen to have the attention of the makeup artist all to myself! 

You can choose between a number of different looks to recreate, with the focus being very much on the eyes. You can choose between the 'full smoke', 'half smoke' or 'glitter smoke' look, and in this case we went for the more subtle 'half smoke'. This look uses one colour on the lid and is blended out with alternative complimentary shades. In comparison to this is the full smoke which is much more dramatic and uses colours to smoke out the majority of the eye.   

When we arrived at Peaches we were taken aback by just how vibrant the place is. The salon itself is just so much fun to be in, the decor is bright and outrageous and reflects the personalities of these lively Liverpool girls perfectly. The Instagram pictures really don't do it justice! We were greeted by Kre who was to be my tutor for the morning and we got stuck in straight away. 

My sister Kim was to be my model but taking a model isn't actually necessary, you can also learn on yourself. The girls work by demonstrating the techniques on one half of the face and you reciprocate (or at least try to!) on the other. My own makeup habits mean that I always apply eyeshadow after I've done my foundation, but Peaches get the eyes perfected first. That meant that as much fall down was allowed as I pleased and enabled me to pack as much colour on as necessary! I was actually a little worried at what the outcome would look like as this was a completely new technique to me, but when we had finished and I wiped away the excess I couldn't believe I'd managed to use more than one colour without it turning into a black smudge! 

Kim's face was finished off with foundation, bronze, contour, blush, lips, lashes and Peaches own signature Pearl highlight. It's a beautiful pink, pearly iridescent pigment that looks no less than stunning and really compliments a rosy toned cheek (review on that to come!). My sister really did look beautiful, I was just worried about recreating it at home! Thankfully you get to take away a step-by-step guide from 'The University of Peaches and Cream' which has pictures detailing the entire process. 

I really enjoyed the session I had here and I did manage to recreate it for my sisters prom, which goes to show their one-to-ones really are worthwhile. The girls here are just so talented, the work they put online never fails to amaze me. They are currently promoting their annual 'Peaches and Scream' makeovers in time for Halloween and the SFX looks they've done over the past few weeks are just incredible, just head over to their Instagram @peachesmakeup to see what I mean. 

Peaches and Cream don't just specialise in makeup but hair too, if you want to find out more visit their website My one-to-one was £25 and lasted around 45 minutes, call 01512271669 to book.

Images below: Kim in the makeup chair at Peaches and Cream. Left side by me, right side by Kre.

Images below: The look recreated at home multiple times, with two different shades used on the lid just for experimentation purposes on some pictures.

Are you thinking of visiting Peaches and Cream?

Han X


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  2. I definitely want to visit, if I'm ever in Liverpool I probably will!

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  3. Totally wishing I had the opportunity to go there! That looks incredible.

  4. Woah! I love this look, so gorgeous. You done such a good job recreating it at home. If I am ever in Liverpool I think I will definitely make a point of getting a one-to-one session at Peaches & Cream.