Wednesday, 5 February 2014

My NYC Shopping List

So I go to New York in the morning! Totally excited, so I thought I'd compile a list of NYC treats I'm after. The list isn't excessive, it's just some of the things I know I'll definitely be picking up and so it'd be rude not to share them with you! 

1. My first stop is undoubtedly going to be MAC. The Times Square store is hectic but it's worth the hustle and bustle. I've got my eyes on several lipsticks, first being Creme In Your Coffee (which I've wanted for ages) alongside MAC Red, Plumful and Morange. Knowing me I'll probably ditch the list and choose different ones completely but at least I've got something to work with amongst the mayhem!

2. I also want some eyeshadow refills for my MAC palette (it'll make an appearance on here sooner or later!). So far I'm after Cranberry, Sketch, Espresso and Naked Lunch.

3. One of the benefits of visiting the US is that us Brits get to take advantage of the stateside brands we don't get over here. I'll be looking for the Makeup Forever HD Foundation which I actually can't wait to try and I'll be checking out the Marc Jacobs Genius Gel Foundation, yey!

4. I've also be lusting after the Anastastia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade which recently hit Another benefit of the US is that their prices tend to be cheaper so I'll be grabbing this for a fraction of our price! 

5. Lastly are the MAC palettes. They are ridiculously cheap over there, $10 for both the single palette and the double. And the inserts for these are just a mere $2! MAC UK are definitely ripping us off with the amount they charge! So imma be stocking up on these for myself and all my pals haha! 

So there we have it, no doubt I'll come home with a whole different array of stuff but having some idea of what I want means I can't go too over budget *ahem*. 

What else do you think I should check out whilst in New York? Both shopping and sightseeing suggestions welcome!

Han X

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