Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Michael Kors Rose Gold Double Strap Watch Review

Pretty much every girl and her handbag have a Michael Kors or Marc Jacobs watch these days, it’s actually harder to find someone without one. But I understand why, some of them are bloody gorgeous. I can’t say I’m a massive fan of the metal link ones by MK, some of them look a little to brash for me, so I was overjoyed when I came across exactly what I want in the form of this beauty. Michael Kors don’t actually seem to do many leather ones, I think I’ve seen about three but this is the one I fell in love with and just had to have. I’ve never owned a watch before, shocking I know, so I wasn’t sure whether I’d get my wear out of it but it’s safe to say I’ve never had it off. I bought it just after Christmas as a little treat to myself so three months on I’d thought I’d share my thoughts.
First off the double strap is something I haven’t actually seen before so it immediately caught my eye. It has a kind of fish scale pattern that I thought might look a little tacky before I got it but it’s subtle enough and compliments the rest of the watch rather well. My favourite part of it however is the actual face; I love the fact that it’s rose gold which we’re all crazy for at the moment. I also love how large it is, to be honest I thought the fact it didn’t have actual numbers was going to drive me up the wall and make it difficult to tell the time but that hasn’t been the case at all (I’m no Joey Essex). Although the design is very simplistic, there has been a lot of attention to detail. A tiny MK embossing adorns the crown (watch jargon for that little thing that sets the time) and the words Michael Kors sit on the front of the face, back of the face, on the inside of the strap and on the strap fastener. No forgetting who this bad boy belongs too.
Unfortunately I’ve had some trouble with it; only two months in the part of the strap that attaches to the face had completely teared and was literally hanging off by a thread. It wasn’t wearable at all, I was gutted so immediately took it back to Earnest Jones who sorted me out a replacement no problem. I think the reason it had given way was because it doesn’t sit on your wrist in the same way a watch would with just one strap would. It kind of sits at an angel and I think the tension on one side had just caused it to rip. I’ve decided that if it does it again I’ll be returning it and getting my money back as obviously there is a design fault if keeps continuing.

Hopefully this won’t be the case though as I do absolutely love it, it’s comfortable and doesn’t get in the way of anything despite it having a big face. Saying that, unfortunately a day after I received my replacement watch I went out, got drunk and woke up the next morning to find I made some great dirty big scratches on the glass. Very annoying, you can’t take me anywhere.
Michael Kors Rose Gold-Plated Double Strap Watch – ernestjones.co.uk @ £145

Do you have an MK watch? Have you had any problems with it?
Han X


  1. What a lovely, lovely watch! Thinking about buying this one actually :) ahah Love the 'drunk' episode sounds something that could happen to me as well! I'll be careful not to drink if I buy it! :) xx


    1. You should, i love it! And haha, I was so annoyed - oh you're allowed to get drunk, just make sure this stays at home haha! Thanks for commenting :) X

  2. this watch is really nice i love leather strapped watched , ps i also think the same with everyone having the same watchs an handbags

    Jorden x http://fourbluemondays.blogspot.co.uk/

    1. I know! I'm guilty of both! They are really nice though so I can see the attraction! Thanks for commenting :) X

  3. I'll make your search of finding someone without a Micheal Kors watch or purse easier: me :-) Although, after this post that might not be true in a few weeks.
    Bright and Shiny

  4. I love this watch! Love the double strap. I do have a gold MK watch and the only problem with it is that I tried to take out some of the links myself and now it's a bit wonky and doesn't sit properly on my wrist. That and I find it's a bit heavy? Is this watch light? x